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Ambassador Bene M’Poko, Dean of the Diplomatic Corps & Ambassador of the DRC to South Africa

“We need to keep our young people in the rural areas.  The only way in which you are going to do it is to create jobs.  Which sector is able to create jobs?  Its agriculture throughout its entire value chain.  This is the sector which will create jobs.  This is the sector which will stabilise us and keep our people in Africa.  We have green pastures in Africa.”

“We are not training farmers or farm employees, we are training entrepreneurs.  A farm is a business and must be managed in all its facets.”

Prema Zilberman, Managing Director: Kenes Exhibitions

 “Agritech Africa 2020 will aim to understand the innovation ecosystem and bringing in the three pillars of government, academy and industry we will aim to discuss the policy around innovation and innovation as a policy to create the right environment so that ideas can be born and survive.”

“Why Agritech Africa 2020, Africa sits on 65% of uncultivated arable land and will determine the future of food, no argument on that.  Farming provides 60% of all jobs in Africa.  African agriculture can contribute to sustainable development, economic development and food security globally.”

Dr Wengawenga, Assistant Chief Economic Advisor to the President of Malawi

“Agriculture is the backbone of our economies in Southern Africa creating jobs for 61% of the 337 million people just in the SADC region.”

“Agriculture is the anchor to food security, food is life.  A food secure nation is more likely to be a healthy nation and more likely to be more productive and more likely to be a high income country.

“A hungry man is an angry man.  We therefore need to invest in agriculture to also achieve political stability.”

“They also say that Africa will be the next giant after Asia.  If we are to be the next giant, we really need to ensure we have done all we can with regard to agriculture.”

Mr Jeffers Miruka, CEO Association of African Agricultural Economists

“One of the main priorities of the African Development Bank is to feed Africa.  Feeding Africa is all about agriculture.  We want to be self sustaining in Africa, especially in terms of food security.  Agriculture is also a key investment opportunity in Africa.  Africa cannot leapfrog if it is not food secure and food sufficient.”

Dr. Thulasizwe Mkhabela, Group Executive: Impact & Partnerships: Agricultural Research Council

 “We have realised we cannot do research just for the sake of research.  It must begin to reach the intended stakeholders to impact on their lives.

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