How to Exhibit

Exhibition Space Allocation

Space allocation for exhibitors is on a “first-come, first-served” basis. A completed Exhibit Space Contract, accompanied by advance payment should be mailed or faxed to the Exhibition Manager to ensure reservation of your desired location.

Exhibitors are welcome to modify any space to their specific requirements. A revised floor plan will be included with the booth confirmation. Please note that an alternative location should be clearly indicated on the Exhibition Booking Form. Participation will be finalized only upon confirmation of the payment.

Fees & Booth Registration

Raw Space – 2500 ZAR/1
Standard Booth – 3000 ZAR/1 


Please note that the prices/rates exclude VAT


** The minimum for a standard booth is 9 m² stand size. 

** The minimum for a raw space area is 15 m².

Important note: Exhibitors who do not have a standard design plan for their booth must present their building plans to the Exhibition Manager at least four weeks prior to the event.

Exhibition Pavilions and Access

The Agritech Africa 2020 exhibition will be held in the indoor areas of the Cape Town International Convention Center (CICC). The Cape Town International Convention Center (CICC), where Agritech Africa 2020 is being held, is easily accessed by car, train or bus.

You do not have a booth yet?  To reserve your exhibition space please contact the Exhibition Managers:

Angela Randall tel: +27 11 465 1848 cell: 27 79 561 8309/ +27 71 939 4664 email: (

Jason Rade tel: +27 11 465 1848 cell: 072 099 1785 email: (

Srinivas Rao tel: +91 40 7207221818 email: (

Eva Waisler email: (


Booth Description




Constructed Booth

(minimum 9 m² stand size)

  • White walls, fitted with an aluminium frame, 250 cm high
  • Fascia board with company name and stand number (in standard lettering)
  • Two plastic chairs, one table
  • Carpeting
  • Exhibitor badges (number of badges depends on the sqm)
  • Pavilion security (from 18:00 PM – 9 AM)
  • Up to 30 word company/product profile in the Official Exhibition Catalogue

Raw Space Area

(minimum 15 m² space area)

  • Area reserved by the exhibitor
  • Exhibitor badges (number of badges depends on the sqm)
  • Pavilion security (from 18:00 PM – 9 AM)
  • Up to 30 word company/product profile in the Official Exhibition Catalogue

Booth Regulations

Exhibitors designing their own booths are requested to observe the following basic regulations: Each stand must be bordered with walls measuring the exact size of the stand (width x depth x height). The general building height of the exhibition is as follows:

The two front Booths at the entrance of venue Hall 4A of the Exhibition Hall: height limit is 4 meters

All other booths: height limit is 5 meters

Any back side of the booth can’t be closed with a wall.

A plan of each stand and a display design, showing exact measurements and height, must be submitted to the exhibition security engineer for approval.

The engineer’s contact information will be provided in the near future.


Additional Benefits

  • Pre-scheduled meetings with potential clients and industry leaders
  • Company promotion in the official exhibition catalogue
  • Listing on the website
  • PR services  – a comprehensive and constantly updated source of news and latest information to be presented at Agritech Africa 2020.
  • Exhibitor badges

For internal display units

  • Display units will be supplied with a single phase 220volt Distribution Board with a single plug
  • Any additional plug points will be charged
  • Display units wishing to run large equipment will need to order and pay for power supply separately