Why Africa?


Our triennial Agritech Exhibition is the essential international event of its kind, showcasing technologies from leading global Agritech companies to Ministers of Agriculture, decision-makers, experts, practitioners as well as thousands of visitors from over 20 countries around the globe.

We take you where innovation and inspiration leads, and in June 2020 this brings us to Cape Town, South Africa. With one of the youngest, growing work forces in the world, a rapidly urbanizing geography, and a love-love relationship with technological progression, Africa’s economy has become known as a Lion on the Move.

Agritech Africa will unite the agriculture community in the heart of the pride lands, beautiful Cape Town, where you can see the latest developments and technological innovations in agriculture and advanced agro-technologies and become part of the continent’s economic renaissance.

Agricultural transformation is quickly becoming the vanguard of this renaissance, as agricultural production and food security are the crucial impetus for growth for the entire continent. By hosting Agritech in South Africa, our international community is invited to be part of the amazing opportunities this presents. 

Agritech Africa – Alive with Opportunity