Exhibitors Information

Exhibition Hours


Dismantling Day

Friday, May 19, 2020 17:00 – 24:00

Set-Up Days

The built display units will be ready to be handed over to the exhibitors on (Tuesday, June 16, 2020, 2:00 P.M.). Other display units will be ready to be handed over to the exhibitors in coordination with the Operations Department and Exhibitions Departments.


Booth Fascia

We are pleased to advise that parking is arranged for the set-up/dismantle days, and the duration of the show for Agritech Africa 2020 Exhibitors. Parking permits are allocated according to the space rented by exhibiting companies.  This service is provided to exhibitors at no extra charge. In addition to allocated permits, extra permits may be obtained at an additional fee.
Closer to the time of the event ,the exhibiting company representative will be notified regarding exact details.


Organizers are responsible for third party insurance, as per the standard procedures at the exhibition. Exhibitors are advised to purchase insurance policies to insure their equipment from theft/damage, as well as third-party lawsuits during the exhibition.

Noise Level in Booth

The use of loudspeakers and music in the Exhibition area is not allowed. Background music and promotional videos may be used, however please ensure that the noise level is kept to a minimum in order to facilitate the proper functioning of the business meeting and not to disturb other booths.


General security is provided around the clock.

Public Relations

Companies promoting novel/innovative equipment/services that have in their possession publicity material regarding their product are requested to send the material by e-mail: info@kenes-exhibitions.com.