Registration form for the Start-up Area

Criteria for participation in the Innovation Pavilion:

Threshold conditions – an African Innovation company that manufactures high-tech products or technology.
Meeting the threshold conditions does not automatically allow participation in the booth. Companies submitting their candidacies will be examined by a professional committee of the organizers of the event.

Technical Specifications of the pavilion:

  • Display stand designed by the organizers.
  • All display units will be identical when part of the interior design will include a permanent graphic format that will be sent to the exhibitors and will incorporate image / advertising material of the company.
  • The presenter must meet the schedule as defined by the organizers for the transfer of graphics for presentation at the booth.
  • It will be possible to pay for the addition of display aids to the pavilion, such as a plasma screen, electricity and internet.

Estimated cost of participation (after subsidy):

  • NIS + VAT

Last registration date: 9.3.2020

Address for inquiries:
Chantal Gelderbloem –, +972 74 7457435.

* Required

  • Details of the technology that the Company has developed for the purpose of examining its suitability to the complex (up to one page)
  • ** Electrical and lighting should be ordered only if there is a need to extend beyond the basic equipment that comes with the stand
  • (Name + Surname)