Session Category: 18 June 2020

Workshop: Water Management

Presenters: Ronnie Mckenzie, Chair, IWA Specialist Group and Yaron Ben Ari, Head of Water Technology Program, Standards Institution of Israel

Workshop: Crops

Chairperson: Dr. Laila Yesmin, Director & Biotechnologist, Biotechnology Manitoba Limited Dr. Apeh Omode, Costa Group

Start-Up Presentations

”The Evolution of Agriculture Technologies” Chairperson: Jeffers Miruka, Executive Director, Association of African Agricultural Economists Presenter: Flo Mosoane, Co-Founder & CEO, Food Makers SA

AI within Agriculture

Keynote: Aerobotics, TBA Keynote: Mark DeSantis, CEO, Bloomfield Robotics – AI & Deep Learning in Cannabis Inspection: Phenotyping & Yield Prediction

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